Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Mob

G'day again....
Well now the mob is getting a bit older with Jacko turning six, Sarah now four and a half, Harrison moving past two and a half and little Oscar now hitting seven mouths old. So here's a photo of the Kiddymob, hanging out in the TV room..... the most used room in our house.

The naked chef eat your heart out!!. Here's the three amingoes having a bath together. Which we don't do that many times, mainly because the amount of kiddies together at one time in the bath. Decides how much water is distributed around the bathroom floor. In this case let's just say.... it's flooded!!, Little moguls.

Here the kiddies are hanging out in Sarah's room. Well it's her room for now but in pretty short time she'll be getting a new roommate by the name of Blueie 2 (Oscar). But for now she has her own space, in this photo we had to wake her up, so there's no better way to wripe the cobwebs from the mine then getting the whole mob to say MORNING!!.

And the last mob photo is Jacko and Sarah with the little man himself Oscar. He's just laying there thinking to himself.... How in the hell did i end up in this place???.

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Jo said...

Oh My God! You kids are growing up so fast! Hope you had a great birthday Jack.
Big Hugs and Kisses for everyone
Love Aunty Jo