Sunday, April 09, 2006


Well in the early mornin' of the 31st of March,with just a hint of cool mornin' air sneakin' under the shut delivery ward door at the old swan districts hospital. We, me and the misses Tania.Witness the birth of our fourth and LAST little kiddie who poped into the world at five minutes to five.Weighing in at 7 pounds 6 he was the biggest little fish that our family has ever layed eyes on.It was yours truly's turn to pick the namein' rights of this monster fish and i came up with the beaut little name of OSCAR.Never before had the name of "Oscar" been used anywhere in the pages of the Paul's History,and probably never again.Why call him Oscar ,well good question as i don't even know why that name poped up in the old brain damaged scone.But i can tell you he was'nt named after a world reknown SHARK SLAYER!!! (as some people might believe).And as for his second name we kept with the tratition of namein' special oldies in our lifes.This time we chouse the name of me good old Pop.Which as you probably know is William.So now you have to raise your glasses and toast a toast to our new little sparring partner Oscar William Paul.And wish him a beaut and colourful live with his ripsnorter of a family in sleepie little old Middle swan.