Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Walkabout 'round MIDLAND

G'Day again.
Well on the weekend me and the kiddies went fall a walkabout 'round Midland. Midland is the next suburb next to Middle Swan, A couple of years ago Midland started what is called THE MIDLAND REDEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY. There job was to redevelop all the shittie places around Midland. One being the old Railway workshops and the land around it. The intention of putting long-legged metal sculptures at different places around Midland, was to reach out to both local residents and tourists who come to Midland (by mistake).
To show a distinctive and you beaut unique artworks that reflect on Midland's past and future. The photo's above are 1) Sarah with 'KATE AND SAM FLYING'

2) Harrison hanging out with 'MOTHER WITH DAUGHTER'.

3) Jack with 'FLAG MAN FRED'

4) 'SMOKO' and Jacko having a feed.

and 5) Sarah and 'THREE FRIENDS'. And if you would like to have a squizz at some more info on these ripper sculptures , then just punch in there website (Go on give it a burl). And that's about it for now so I'll just say Ooroo and I'll see ya later.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Trip to Northam

G'day from your mates over on the Western Coast
Well just a couple of weekends ago i packed the commodore with some good tucker and chucked in the little spacecedits and off we drove out bush to Northam.
As you can see in the first photo the best thing in Northam is a bloody good play area for the kiddies. There's a big sandpit area with a flamin' big toy pirate ship, that the kiddies loved playing on.
Then after a scrutinise beaut picnic we went walkabout along the swan riverside to the suspenced bridge. As the photo's show the nevilles loved it, on the other side we fead the ducks and a couple of magpies then turned around and made the trip back over. Without dout the suspenced bridge is the must see tourist attraction in Northan. Come to think of it..... it was the only tourist attraction in Northem !!!.