Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Sculpture Park


Well the sun came up on yet another beaut WA morning, the early air had a cool crisp feel to it and already the Dunny Budgie's (blowfly's) were out in numbers. But that wasn't gonna stop yours truly from our day out at Sculpture Park.
So we packed our commodore for a little trip up the road (about two minutes drive away-the way the crow fly's), to a place called Gumboc Gallery Sculpture Park. It's a little Gallery on James road just of Toodyay road, which from our place at Middle swan is about a two can walk. And it's FREE... well i think it's free, put it this way we didn't see anybody about so it was free.

We didn't go into the actual gallery... can you just wonder at what priceless pieces of art that my lovable little treasures could pick up and want to play with. I would rate taking my kiddies into a Gallery up their with maybe spending time at a spicegirls concert!!.
But with this place you don't have to actually go into the Gallery, you can let the kiddies just run wild outside, as their grounds are chokers with beaut sculpture's that they can brake!!.
In photo No1 we get an Australian feel with the kiddies hanging around a ridgie-didge aussie Icon "The bush kangaroo". This is the old man's favorite in the park, I reckon if I was going to put a whole bunch of junk together to make something, I'd love it to look like a kangaroo. But probably it would just look like a bunch of junk. In the next Photo we have Sarah and a camel, both looking about as excited as each other. The last time I saw a camel looking like that he was laying beside the Nullabor Highway, after being gobsmacked by a fast moving Kenworth roadtrain, Fair dinkum.

Some of the sculpture's are okay for the kiddies to get their hands on, like in Photo No3 where Jack 'n Sarah get the chance to be in a cage with T-REX himself. He still looks scary even if he is red. Why they painted him red I'm not sure but THAT'S ART!!.
And last but not least "Ants at a picnic". This one I thought was pretty cool. There got a picnic set up and all these bloody big ants are doing what ALL big ants do...
What ever that is. But it still looked pretty bloody cool.

There's a hell-of-a-lot more sculptures about the park. Some of them pretty bloody grouse, but these were the best ones that the little nevilles could touch without braking them.... well sort of not-brake, you'd be surprised what you can do with a bit of sticky-tape and an imagination!!!
But it was a real beaut time out and the kiddies had a ripsnorter of a time , and that's what all these trips are all about... The kid's having a bonzer time and the old man getting a little bit closer to a nerves brake down, Fair Dinkum.


Jo said...

Bloody Bonza mate looks like you and the kiddies had a great time. We will have to go when we come over because its close and free.
Speak to you tonight


Nick said...

Hey Jacko, you'll have to keep this place in the old memeory bank for when we come over.